White Papers

Charity Financials white papers contains a wealth of free expert information written by industry professionals designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the charity sector. These include our spotlight reports which contain the latest key financial data within the top 5000 UK charities. Download now to gain valuable insight into the current trends within the charity sector.

Charity Income Reports

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    This is the fifth edition of the Charity Income Spotlight report, which tracks annual income growth, surpluses and deficits, as well as the causes that generated the most income.

Banking Reports

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    This report examines the value of cash at the disposal the UK's largest charities and analyses the firms employed to provide banking services.

Audit Fee Reports

  • This valuable report is an examination of the UK's largest 5000 charities and the accounting firms employed to carry out the required annul audit.

Investment Reports

  • This report examines the investment performance of the top 5000 UK charities. Use to benchmark investment performance against other charities of a similar size and research fund managers with expertise in the sector

Top 100 Fundraising Charities

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    This report is an updated examination of the UK's largest one hundred fundraising charities by Cathy Pharoah

Higher Education

  • The Higher Education Spotlight report analyses income trends of the 155 UK higher education institutions covering the last 12 years.



  • This report examines the charitable causes of the top 5,000 charities in the UK. Download now to discover how organisations belonging to different charitable causes have contrasting dependencies on individual revenue streams i.e. legacies (animal charities), public funding (museums) or private donations.

Grant Making

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    Grant Making Spotlight
    September 2015
    This addition to the spotlight series focuses on the financial trends of foundation grant makers and independent trusts that support the charitable activities of organisations which provide not-for-profit services.